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Medical Tourism: Was Mrs Aisha Buhari Right To Threaten Public Office Holders in Nigeria?

Posted By: Nigeria Voting Voices          In: Politics & Governance          842 Views         (Jul 11, 2017)

 Medical Tourism: Was Mrs Aisha Buhari Right To Threaten Public Office Holders in Nigeria?

Wonders they say, shall never end! One would have thought that the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (not Zoo as she might loved to address it paradoxically) would have settled for her husband's placement for her in the Kitchen - not that I think she doesn't deserve more places to function; however, I understand that no other person can understand Mrs Aisha Buhari more than her own husband. For while many people in Nigeria may consider her to be a boardroom person; her husband who really knows her; believes that her true potential really comes out better inside the kitchen. The question then is, "What was the husband refering to as the Kitchen?" "Was that "Kitchen" the same with the one in my house (where food is cooked); or was the husband refering to the "Kitchen" in the government"?

If the husband meant that his wife is best suited in the Kitchen; I think we should give him the priviledge of placing his wife according to his understanding of his wife's best suitability. If the husband had forecasted a place for his wife in the Kitchen; then, there is a great possibility that the wife will be functioning more now in that kitchen!

Just recently, there has been a lot of movements by the wife of the President - Mrs Aisha Buhari; and besides that, she has been making a lot of statements - both on the social media and before the mainline news agencies. The common decimal in all her statements is the seeming grudge or bitterness in her heart towards certain political forces in Nigeria. The question then is, "Does the wife of the President (whose husband has been out of Nigeria more than 90% of the days in 2017 on medical tourism; whose bills are being covered by the National treasury and whose daily needs are been met by the goodwill and good fortune of an average Nigerian) have the moral right to threaten the same Nigerians?"

It appears to me that Mrs Aisha thinks that Nigeria is a Monachical nation; that is ruled by Kings and Queens - no! Nigeria is a Federal Republic! Nigeria is made up of soverign states, who decided to live together in unity for a better Nigeria. Could she be thinking that Nigerians owe her family anything? In my humble opinion; she - unbehalf of her family, should appologize to Nigerians for the "disgrace", or embracements that might have meted out on many Nigerians during the administration of her husband.

I am not angry with Mrs Aisha Buhari, but I think she needs to spend more time in the Kitchen has suggested by her lovely husband - and leave the matters of state policy and governance to those (she might be calling cabals); who are so assigned those responsibilities by either her husband or the people of Nigeria.

Nigeria must not become victims of family policies or inadequacies; we are a great nation - filled with talents (and not WEAK ANIMALS, as she might love to call us) - I think 2019 will show who is weak; whether it is the Nigerians or her family!

I rest my case for now!

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Medical Tourism: Was Mrs Aisha Buhari Right To Threaten Public Office Holders in Nigeria?
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