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Towards 2019 General Elections: Shouldn't Nigerians Be Asking For Divine Rule Instead of Military or Para-Military Civilian Rule

Posted By: Nigeria Voting Voices          In: Politics & Governance          53 Views         (Oct 08, 2018)

 Towards 2019 General Elections: Shouldn

Shortly after Nigeria got her independence from the British Colonial Rule, the Military took over the affairs of governance in Nigeria. Ever since that period, Nigerians have hardly witnessed true political or Economic independence.


As a result of the gross underdevelopment, corruption, favoritism, nepotism and red-tapism that follows the continued dominance of Military men and officers in the rulership or governance of Nigeria; many Nigerians sacrificed their peace, comfort or safety to speak to the power of their days.


In various instances, the Military decided to allow the Civilians to chose who rule over them, but hardly wait for their return back to power. Finally in 1999, the Military stepped aside to allow for a democratic government. As you would suspect, the Military only gave a short leech, ensuring that the new President was one of theirs - a former Military General Olusegun Obansanjo. Ever since then, Nigeria has been ruled at the Federal and State Governments by ex-servicemen. The question is, has the Military really left Aso Rock (government) for their barracks?


Today, Nigeria is ruled (instead of led) by a Rtd. Major General, who also intends to seek re-election, even though some claim is around 80 years of age. The major opposition party in the country recently chose a Rtd. Customs Comptroller (another uniform man) as their Presidential Candidate. The question is, aside the Military and Para-Military, isn't any other sector or sphere capable of providing the needed leadership for Nigerians?


While Nigeria has witnessed Military Rule, Civilian Rule; isn't time for Nigeria to witness a Divine Rule. According to the Bible, there is indeed God in heaven, who rules over the affairs of men. Isn't it time for Nigeria to submit to God's rule. Oftentimes, Nigerians say that it is God that set up leaders; hence, anyone who shoots down other people to get into power, claims it is God who puts him their. While God indeed raises leaders and brings down leaders; is it not time for Nigerians to actually ask God to show them whom He had chosen for them?


It is important we seek the Lord's will before we choose party delegates, who must then choose whom the Lord has shown us. That is the way to enthrone men and women that God indeed has set up. We cannot continue to buy votes, rig elections and still claim it was God who set men and women over us - at best, He could simply have given us over to reprobate minds to do things (vote to politicians) which aren't convenient (pleasant).


Any people with reprobate minds must say their experiences are determined by God - no, but by their own actions and inactions. If God must reign and rule in the affairs of men,then, we must seek to know His will (choice) and do them - even when we don't know why!


I rest my case!




Source: [CentreNDL]

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Towards 2019 General Elections: Shouldn
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