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Towards 2019 General Elections: What Nigerians Must Know About Women In Politics

Posted By: Nigeria Voting Voices          In: Politics & Governance          64 Views         (Oct 08, 2018)

 Towards 2019 General Elections: What Nigerians Must Know About Women In Politics

Nigerian politics over the years have been characterized by violence - do or die. Most Nigerian elites consider politics to be a dirty game; yet, the same elites in Federal Government payroll go on frequent strikes to remind the Government led by "dirty game players" to honor their agreements. My point is this, many educated, good-hearted Nigerians detest politics, but cry to or complain about politicians when their roads are trapping them, when their generators are short on fuel and when their houses are broken into by thieves at night or day time.


The first concern of most people that refer to politics as dirty game is that younger, not-too-rich Nigerians and women can't survive in politics. Most religious leaders preach change, but they can't coach, counsel or command their women to pursue their political dreams even to the presidency.


Just few minutes ago, while watching a Survivor School programme on Discovery Channel; I was shocked to see a team of young women (ladies), defeating a team of your men (boys) in a 10 day wild survivor challenge. I then remembered how girls excelled in schools (up till higher institutions) more than the boys. I also noted the obvious passion, energy and creativity of women who have passed the menopause age. I then concluded that it's very important I remind Nigerians about the enormous capacity and creativity of women.

This morning, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili was a guest at Sunrise Daily on Channels TV, and she spoke passionately on her readiness to unseat President Buhari in 2019. She was such an inspiration to many Nigerians especially the youths and women. While she is perhaps more capable than the choice candidates of other leading political parties, the matter of her being a woman might be brought up. Should this become a matter in the days or weeks to come, I would love to remind Nigerians that any woman who is not in the child birthing stage of life can perform even better than any man. Am sure you still remember your primary and secondary school days; how many girls did you perform better than in those days?


I understand that men have strength, but women do too. God who created man first, didn't leave the women without strength. While men may boost in physical strength, which hardly make anyone great; women have strength in their minds, will, spirit and emotion. If a woman is therefore not giving birth to children, she could be equally strong in physical strength. The question then is, why do we still think a woman over 50 years of age can't become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? I believe the issue isn't with the women, it is with out tradition, culture or religions. However, we must be careful with the kind of tradition or culture or religion that sustains our mediocrity, poverty and subjugation under foreign powers.


I rest my case for now!




Source: [Fridayposts]

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Towards 2019 General Elections: What Nigerians Must Know About Women In Politics
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