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Towards 2019 Graduation: How Has President Buhari Performed In His Almost 4 Years At The University of Aso Villa?

Posted By: Nigeria Voting Voices          In: Politics & Governance          46 Views         (Oct 08, 2018)

 Towards 2019 Graduation: How Has President Buhari Performed In His Almost 4 Years At The University of Aso Villa?

In the United States, the seat of power is called White House; Nigeria's seat of power is called the Aso Villa. It is the place where the Executive Arm of Nigerian Government forms and runs government for a period of 4 years - renewed only in two terms.


For most students in the various universities in Nigeria, the tenure of stay on campus is 4 years. At the resumption stage, every student begins with a 5.0 CGPA. As the academic process continues, most students experience steady decline until some students are advised to withdraw from the university - due to their inability to meet the basic requirements of excellence.


However, some few students end their stay on campus with the same 5.0 CGPA they were admitted with - in very rare cases. Like most students whose CGPA declines with their stay on campus; anyone who is admitted into the Aso Villa University of Nigeria as President, usually begin with a 5.0 kind of CGPA. As the governance proceeds, most Presidents suffer decline in their CGPA over a period of their studentship (administration) as people judge their policies, programmed, body languages, decision-making process, submission to rule of law and their ability to protect, provide and lead lives of the citizens.


Judging President Buhari in his almost 4 years at the Aso University, one cannot but wonder who he became the student of the greatest University in Nigeria. He couldn't choose his cabinet (classmates or friends) until 6 months in the University. He chose a comrade lawyer as his Sports and Youth friend - a man many Nigerians have issues with. He chose a lawyer who knew almost nothing about ICT as the friend in charge of Communications in the University. No wonder there were communication issues between the President and the Owners (citizens) of the university throughout his almost 4 years.


Moving on from Sports and Communications, we cannot but have issues with his choice of Education friend or partner, he clearly lacked the required capacity to create the needed educational policies in 4 years. The Economy is in serious state, and the Internal Security partner of his isn't doing much too. In fact, many Nigerians don't have problem with the President's non-performing partners/friends; they only have issues with his refusal to expel or dismiss or suspend his friends that fail him in their studentship on the Aso Campus.


In view of these systemic errors on the President part, I believe his admitted 5.0 CGPA is now in a state that he can only be passed on self-recognition. He may be advised to take some courses at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), if he still wants to continue his stay at the Aso Villa University of Nigeria (AVUN). If you think otherwise, please share your thoughts with us - the Governing Council of the AVUN!


I rest my case!

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Towards 2019 Graduation: How Has President Buhari Performed In His Almost 4 Years At The University of Aso Villa?
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